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LCD Buyback

We only buy the functional OEM screens.
How do I know the different Grade A and Grad B of OEM screen
Grade A: The OEM screen is fully functional; it is only with broken glass and cracked. The touch and display are both good.
Grad B: The OEM screen is functional, it has the issue of touch , blacklight , brun-in . Or they have been refurbished before.

How It Works?

1-2 Business Days

Once we receive the screens, it ONLY takes 1-2 business days to test every piece. 

Get Report

We then send you a detail test report, states the condition of every screen.

Get Paid

You get paid with your choice of payment method including PayPal, cheque, wire transfer, Interac Money Transfer or cash (LOCAL CUSTOMERS ONLY)


Free Shipping

We will provide the shipping label for free and have it deducted from your payout at the end. If value is qualified:

Broken screens buyback – minimum $100 from Canada, $200 US

OEM screens sale / refurbish – order is $400 or more

If you do not meet quantity requirement, you could still request a shipping label and shipping cost will be deducted from your total payout.

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How It Works

Three simple steps to send us your broken screens!

Request a Shipping Label

Request a free shipping label through our website.

Once we receive your shipment

Upon arrival of your shipment we will send a secondary email informing you that the shipment has arrived and prepare for testing. Our testing experts throughly inspect and review the functionality and condition of each component carefully.

Get paid

After testing is complete you will receive an email of your payouts. Use your credit as store credits or simply ask to have it transferred to your paypal (no paypal fees).